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M.INT Lashes, M.INT Beauty Academy and our Brand Ambassador program are committed to excellence in professional product, cosmetics and education in the beauty industry.

Our lash products are researched and selected with lash artists in mind. We are constantly adding new and innovative items that receive hours of hand testing in all parts of North America to ensure their durability in all conditions, for all levels of lash artist.

M.INT Lashes Pro Academy is is know for its dedication to students, comprehensive information and lifetime mentorship. We host a community of graduates that receive peer support as well as educator led discussion, coaching and more. Our students receive Pro kits with enough product to start your career as a lash artist and lifetime discounts to stock up on the items we know you will love. With decades of experience between our educators, you'll be proud to say that you took your course, refresher or coaching through M.INT.

Ready to be part of the M.INT Movement?

Our Brand Ambassador program is one like no other, allowing new graduates to join, receive mentorship and gain incredible discounts. Product testing, company events and too many perks to name, our BA program is always looking for amazing lash artists like you to join the team! 

 Are you ready to become M.INT?

M.INT Beauty Academy

The only academy that offers top-rated esthetic certification programs that give you everything you need to launch your beauty career in as little as 4 weeks!
Start a lucrative career in the comfort of your own home or in person. All training comes with a professional kit and certification upon completion.


Built for beauty professionals, by beauty professionals, all of our courses are designed to set you for long-term success. M.INT has smaller and more intimate class sizes - even one-on-one training is available - which ensures that you, the student, are provided a more personal, detailed, and attentive training.  This means that the educator can see your progress and help you personally when needed as larger class sizes can get overwhelming.  You will be receiving a comprehensive curriculum with extensive information and guidance to launch yourself into a career in the lash industry that will elevate your experience and assures that you get the best out of your training.

After the courses, you will have access to continuous mentorship and support through a community of fellow beauty professionals, so you are always within reach of great advice and updated tips and tricks.

  • High Quality 
  • Community 
  • All Training Types
  • Certification 

And when you trust your education to us, you’re also joining the M.INT family - the fastest growing inspiring lash and beauty community. As a bonus, you will also receive a lifetime discount on products and supplies that you know you can trust!


"It's M.INT to be..."

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