About Us - Hive City

Imagine a place that strives to influence all industries while making an impact on the community. The objective is connecting businesses and customers to products and services worldwide. The intention is for our communities to thrive by interconnecting.

Let me introduce you to Hive City...

We offer an infrastructure that combines the strengths of large corporate platforms and models that provide:

• Website Builder with integrated Content Management

• Ecommerce Platform

• Logistics Center to pick pack and ship

• Marketplace - that allows customers and distributors to list and sell products in a marketplace

• Directory to find information • Local offerings which are built and supported by local people

• Block Chain – Data Structure that holds transactions and records while ensuring security, transparency, and decentralization • Vertical, Horizontal and Business Integrations

• Consortium – various businesses with a common goal to build and grow the community We have the ability to do extraordinary things with our strategic partnerships.

We reach into a large marketplace of industries allowing us to affect multiple segments with overlapping target markets. Our offerings are currently targeting Canada with additional opportunities to grow and expand internationally into other geographical regions. Our goal right now is focusing on developing our incubation center, increasing our accessibility, strategically positioning ourselves while penetrating the marketplace and supporting the community. We have the team and the infrastructure to support unique opportunities and our position allows us to target various industries such as:

• Education & Personal Development

• Renewable Resources

• Investments & Funding

• Beauty & Retail

• Health & Wellness 

• Agriculture

• Home Essentials

• Automotive

• Medical & Holistic Healing

• Liquor and Beverage 

• Textiles

• Entertainment & Events

• Hospitality 

• & More

We come first to market with a synergistic approach to all these components and we are looking for:

• Entrepreneurs & businesses to align with

• Customers who can take advantage of our offerings to grow their own ROI

• Investors to help us execute and expand globally

• Supporters to help us share this story with the world

We are a group of common people building a company for the people. We are Hive City.

“Together we BEEcome the difference.”