1. Flat Glass Glazier: This type of glazier specializes in the installation of flat glass, such as windows, mirrors, and glass doors.

    2. Stained Glass Glazier: Stained glass glaziers create and install decorative stained glass windows and other art pieces.

    3. Curtain Wall Glazier: Curtain wall glaziers work on large-scale commercial and industrial buildings, installing glass panels as part of the exterior wall system.

    4. Glass Tinting Specialist: Glass tinting specialists apply specialized films or coatings to glass surfaces, providing sun protection, energy efficiency, or decorative effects.

    5. Automotive Glazier: Automotive glaziers specialize in the installation and repair of vehicle windows, windshields, and other glass components.

    6. Shower Enclosure Installer: Shower enclosure installers specialize in the installation of glass shower doors and enclosures for residential and commercial applications.

    7. Glass Repair Technician: Glass repair technicians specialize in repairing and replacing broken or damaged glass in various settings, including homes, vehicles, and commercial buildings.

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