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MacEwan Neighborhood: A Legacy of Modern Living and Historical Significance

Stepping into the MacEwan Neighbourhood, you are witnessing more than just a contemporary urban enclave; you're experiencing a chapter of our proudest achievements. As major developers and home builders in this distinctive area, we have been pivotal in shaping its architectural elegance and community spirit.

Nestled in the heart of southwest Edmonton, MacEwan stands as both a testament to modern urban development and a chapter in our portfolio of successful projects. It proudly represents one of the 14 meticulously planned neighbourhoods in the Heritage Valley Servicing Concept Design Brief (SCDB). Since the MacEwan Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan (NASP) was approved by City Council in 2001, we have been at the forefront, translating visions of progressive living into tangible realities.

Surrounded by significant landmarks, from the Anthony Henday ring road to the 127th Street Transportation and Utilities Corridor, our design philosophy was clear: create a space that was both modern and accessible. With its geographical layout marked by Ellerslie Road (9th Avenue) and 111th Street, connectivity and convenience have always been a top priority.

In MacEwan, our architectural expertise shines through. We introduced a blend of residential options, varying from low to high-density housing, seamlessly integrating them with commercial, recreational, and institutional spaces. This diverse approach has shaped a community where every resident finds their unique place. The intricate network of pathways we constructed serves not just as routes of commute but as veins connecting the community’s heart and soul.

We took pride in preserving history, too. The Victory Christian Centre, with its profound presence, aligns with our respect for traditions and legacies that predate our construction endeavors. Similarly, the conservation of the Virginia woodlot was a conscious effort to weave nature into our urban tapestry.

Beyond the bricks and mortar, we are elated to have developed in an area named after the illustrious John Walter Grant MacEwan. His multifaceted legacy, from his political journey to his literary contributions, mirrors the diverse and rich fabric of the community we've built.

Join us in celebrating MacEwan Neighborhood: a testament to our commitment to excellence in development, a harmonious blend of modern living, and historical reverence. Welcome to our legacy in MacEwan!

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