Marketing for Hippies


    Marketing can feel good.

    You can be a better marketer and attract all the clients you can handle – without sacrificing your integrity.

    Most entrepreneurs I know feel torn between either doing marketing that feels good (but doesn’t work) or marketing that works (but doesn’t feel good).

    I am suggesting that there’s a way to approach marketing that actually works better than the pushy and manipulative approaches you hate and that feels genuinely good to all involved.

    This work is all about developing what I call ‘ethical marketing for uncertain times’.

    Ethical because it needs to be honest and feel good to everyone.
    Marketing because it needs to work.

    But what do the uncertain times have to do with marketing?

    When times get uncertain and people clutch onto their purse strings a little tighter, it’s easy to feel desperate. It’s easy to feel like one’s marketing must become more disruptive and deceptive.

    But that only makes things worse.

    The long term fix is this: you go deeper.

    If you need the branches to be bigger and higher, you start at the roots.

    You go deeper.

    You deepen your connections with your people. You deepen your clarity on who you are, what you do, how you do it, why you do it and for whom you do it. You deepen your commitment and your consistency in showing up.

    As personal branding expert Jessica Zweig said once, “Content is no longer King. Clarity is king.”

    And then there’s a certain amount of crossing your fingers too.

    In this video from my workshop, you won’t learn the latest bells and whistles of the online marketing world or any cutting edge persuasion tools. 

    You’ll learn a lot about the long game, about Slow Marketing, about the roots you need to set in order to have long term, sustainable, organic, word of mouth results without the hype or the pressure. Results you can lean on and feel great about achieving. In short, you’ll be invited to go deeper into what really matters.

    In short, this is marketing for hippies.

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