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We developed OCD Biz Solutions’ [ Project Page ] with our client’s team and prospects  in mind while being elegantly presentable. The Project Page centralizes a company’s published documents, ready to reference or present. It connects professionals into your tools and infrastructure with simple login access that you provide them. You can also connect other applications using their multi-authentication access keeping your documents safe, secure, and accessible to the appropriate people.


To simplify our client’s process of presenting their business to potential investors, keeping team members updated on projects, and providing new team prospects information about the business.


Use our powerful integrations, support tools, and centralize all touchpoints to scale connectivity through BEE-Linked and other applications such as Monday, SharePoint, Dropbox, Hoot Suite & more.


  • Centralize information
  • Organize documentation
  • Simplify accessibility
  • Consistency & Relevancy


  • Create a page that better connects BEE-Linked clients to their audience and team.


  • Help businesses present their materials through seamless integrations and better connect information through our elegant presentation.

The plan

  • Set up account – OCD Biz Solutions
  • Gather information
  • Centralize information
  • Post all published links and documentation that are ready to share
  • Determine who has access and define roles & responsibilities

Features and Benefits

The [ Profile Page ] is for everyone to see, whereas the [ Project Page ] is only accessible to those given the privilege.

“Making the information you need readily available at your fingertips.”

OCD Biz Solutions – [ Project Page Sections ]

OCD Biz Solutions is made up of 6 divisions that offers support services to grow any type of business. We have taken our divisions and used them to organize the Project Page to make navigation seamless for team members and prospects to attain the information they are looking for or identify areas that need to be worked on.

Each section contains published documents relevant to each subject matter expertise. We have a full array of business services in each respective division enabling our ability to support the full life cycle and projects using our [ OCD Business Matrix ].

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