Blackfeet Health Products

Real People. Real Food. Real Medicine.

With 5000+ years of culture The Aapaitsitapii A.K.A – The Blackfeet have much experience and tradition to draw upon. Our food is at the core of our culture and the Creator has provided us with many gifts for us to share with our families and our friends near and far. Our foods are also our medicine, and our medicine is also our food. These foods make up our Suite of Solutions.

Our foods come from the four directions, and our food leaves into the four directions so they can find their way to the ones who seek them just like they always have.

Our foods are found throughout our pristine territory from the great plains to the foothills and into the Rocky Mountains. Our growers, harvesters, our Healers & Elders have approved these products with their own Stamp of Approval all our products are “Elder Approved” all our foods are organic while some are beyond organic, all made in small batches and all hand crafted.

We focus on 4 pillars of medicine those being found in the herbal world, The Fungi World, The Elemental world, and the Vibrational World such as prayer, frequency and passive plasma.


2 products

2 products