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    1. Residential Plumber: This type of plumber specializes in installing and maintaining plumbing systems in residential homes, including water supply and drainage systems, fixtures, and appliances.

    2. Commercial Plumber: A commercial plumber installs and maintains plumbing systems in commercial buildings, such as offices, retail spaces, and industrial facilities.

    3. Industrial Plumber: Industrial plumbers work in factories, plants, and other industrial settings, installing and maintaining specialized plumbing systems, such as those used for manufacturing processes or waste disposal.

    4. Service Plumber: This type of plumber is responsible for diagnosing and repairing plumbing problems in both residential and commercial settings.

    5. Pipefitter: Pipefitters install and maintain high-pressure piping systems used in industrial and commercial settings, such as oil refineries, power plants, and chemical processing facilities.

    6. Sprinkler Fitter: Sprinkler fitters install and maintain fire suppression systems, including sprinkler systems and other types of fire protection equipment.

    7. Steamfitter: Steamfitters install and maintain piping systems used for heating and cooling in commercial and industrial settings, such as hospitals and schools.

    8. Drainage Plumber: This type of plumber specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining drainage systems, including those used for stormwater and wastewater management

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