Concrete Finisher


    1. Flatwork Finisher: This type of concrete finisher specializes in finishing concrete slabs and surfaces, such as floors, sidewalks, and driveways, to create a smooth, level surface.

    2. Decorative Concrete Finisher: Decorative concrete finishers use specialized techniques and materials to create unique and decorative finishes on concrete surfaces, such as stamped concrete, stained concrete, and polished concrete.



     3. Form Setter: Form setters prepare the site for pouring concrete, by setting up the forms and ensuring that they are level, straight, and properly aligned.




    4. Concrete Pourer: Concrete pourers are responsible for pouring the concrete into the forms and ensuring that it is spread evenly and at the correct thickness.



    5. Concrete Cutter: Concrete cutters use specialized saws and equipment to cut and shape concrete surfaces, such as walls and floors, for construction or remodeling projects.



    6. Shotcrete Specialist: Shotcrete specialists work with a specialized spray application method to apply concrete onto vertical surfaces or in difficult to access areas.




    7. Pre-Cast Concrete Specialist: Pre-cast concrete specialists work with concrete products that are pre-made in a factory and then transported to the job site, such as concrete panels, beams and other elements.

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