BEE-Linked NFC Placeable Tags

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Quickly share your information with our branded NFC Placeable Tags that are wear-resistant, adhesive, and easy to paste on most surfaces. You can stick these tags on the back of your mobile phone, day planner, wallet, clipboard, and many other items that you regularly carry around with you. You don’t have to worry about digging around in your bag to find your business cards anymore, sharing your info is now just a tap away!

Post Purchase:

A dedicated team member will reach out to configurate your purchased NFC accessory. 


Item: NFC Peaceable Tags
Material: Waterproof Epoxy
Frequency:  13.56 MHz
Chip:  Ntag213
Protocol:  IOS14443A
Memory: 144bytes 
Type:  3M Sticker 
Size: Diameter 30mm, Thinness 2mm
Model Number:  HC-EPT213


  • Matte Black with Gold Branding
  • Matte White with Black Branding 
  • Matte Black Plain 
  • Matte White Plain 
  • Specials order colors ( Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink )  

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