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    Canada Prime Marketing 


    Canada Prime Marketing is a Canadian-based marketing, sales and coaching company established in 2009, with our corporate headquarters located in Edmonton, Alberta. Our exceptional and effective marketing and brand management techniques will help create an emotional impact on your target audience which will result in increased product sales and secure loyalty among customers with your business and brand. At CPM, we aim to tailor our marketing to your individual needs.

    Canada Prime Immigration 

    Expert in Immigration Visa

    We've been counseling Students for Educational Opportunities all over Canada.

    Canada Prime Immigration provides the facility of immigration and VISA Consultant. We provide facilities and opportunities to customers to apply in Canada by creating an attractive impact and providing the facility to students of Scholarships and opportunity of Jobs after their study as well.

    • Study Visa & Scholarships
    • Job Opportunity
    • Permanent Residency

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    Entrepreneur. Coach. Investor. 

    Fahad Khan - CEO 

    "Be unstoppable, unleash your brand."

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