Electrician- Residential


    1. Inside Wireman: This type of electrician focuses on installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems in commercial and industrial buildings, including lighting systems, motors, and power distribution.

    2. Residential Electrician: A residential electrician specializes in installing and maintaining electrical systems in residential homes, including wiring for lighting, outlets, and appliances.

    3. Outside Lineman: This type of electrician works on high-voltage power lines and other outdoor electrical systems, such as transformers and substations.

    4. Low Voltage Electrician: This electrician specializes in low-voltage systems, such as security, fire alarm, and data communication systems.

    5. Industrial Electrician: Industrial electricians specialize in electrical systems used in industrial settings, such as factories and manufacturing plants.

    6. Service Electrician: This type of electrician is responsible for troubleshooting and repairing electrical problems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

    7. Marine Electrician: Marine electricians install and maintain electrical systems on boats and ships, including navigation systems, lighting, and power distribution.

    8. Renewable Energy Electrician: This electrician specializes in the installation and maintenance of solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable energy systems.

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