Located West Edmonton, AB, Canada and Surrounding Areas: Hi and welcome, I’m Carl Heath, the founder of the EnergyWize University Of Life, 5 Steps to Success Skills System, offering a holistic approach to stress management and skills development. Based out of Legends Family Training Centre, West Edmonton, Canada. I have over 30+ years’ experience as a sportsman, coach and mentor, playing semi-professional soccer from the age of 19, coaching in the UK, America and Australia. Boxing amateur and professional, retiring in 1997, I found my calling, working with youth with emotional and challenging behaviour, using my own life experience, developing BoxWize, teaching the boxing fundamentals to learn to release and recharge!. Further developing my work, I have successfully worked with many alternative learning programs, youth projects and mainstream schools, and the Hull youth justice in the UK for over 9 years (2004 – 2013), preventing reoffending. Also working with professional athletes from premiership soccer, Great Britain rugby league and world boxing champions.

Children Aged 10 > Adults Of All Ages: The EnergyWize University Of Life can provide guest speaking, mental health mentorship and skills development programs local or online, for children aged 10 to adults of all ages. Designing BoxWize skills and personal development programs for youth, mainstream schools and youth projects, professional athletes, along with family, sports and corporate team building programs.

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