Unity Health & Wellness


    Change Is Needed & The Time Is Now!

    Unity was established in December 2021, by 3 Registered Nurses who came together organically to unify our community in health and wellness. Unity was birthed with the Ezra spirit in recognition that change is needed in how we approach and access health care. Unity focuses on WELL-CARE.

    Unity believes in unifying our community and connecting people with quality specialists and professionals.

    Each Individual Has The Ability To Choose...

    Wellness is an active process of making conscious choices that result in holistic health and well-being. We recognize that health is unique to everyone and when supported and presented with different options, each individual can reach optimal balance within the mind, body and spirit.

    Our Mission

    Our Mission Is To Unify Our Community In Health And Wellness Through Our Network Of Qualified And Experienced Service Providers.

    Core Values

    Unity loves God and people; this love is displayed through our core values.
    • Respect: We value and treat each individual how we want to be treated.
    • Accountability: Each of us are responsible for our thoughts, words and actions.
    • Teamwork: We are more effective and efficient when we unite and work together.
    • Integrity: We build trust through honesty and meaningful relationships.
    • Compassion: We choose to be kind and understanding to everyone we encounter.

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    2 products