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It is important to find the right [ Applications & Tools ] that best suits your business and especially for your team. Choosing the best [ Applications & Tools ] increases productivity, efficiency, and can provide your team opportunities to expand their range of capabilities. 


To help people and businesses realize their full potential by empowering them with the tools and applications they need.


We want to enable individuals and businesses to realize their full potential by providing them with applications and tools necessary for them to grow their business.

Subscriptions can be a very large monthly expense, especially for a startup business. We believe all businesses should have the opportunity to use the applications and tools they need without drastically breaking budgets to grow their business. We have purchased group subscription plans that has allowed us to lower monthly costs for our clients.

We have selected [ Applications & Tools ] for every area of business development.

Applications & Tools 

[ Consulting. Strategies. Alignments. ]

Presentations & materials for your prospects.

[ Data. Technology. Communication. ]

An interface for your users. Teamwork hub for your collaborations. Business Intelligence for your insight.

Database Software / Website Development

The database you choose should meet the criteria you need for your business which includes Security, Scalability, Performance, Service Stability, and Operation & Maintenance Costs.

 Video & Web Conferencing

There are many advantages of using video and web conferencing platforms. It allows employees to work from home saving time from commutes. There are application and desktop sharing capabilities, and it can also improve communication between team members and create more structured meetings.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools give team members the opportunity to work and collaborate to learn and grow from each other. It also develops higher-level thinking, boosts confidence and self-esteem.

Messaging Tools

People don’t always look at emails all the time and the chains can get long and difficult to navigate. Messaging tools are a great way to share information in direct messages and group chats without congesting inboxes.

Online & Shared Calendar

Sharing calendars with your team makes planning projects or meetings easy. It helps you visualize your schedule and remind you of important events.

[ Accounting. Bookkeeping. Analytics. ]

Managing your assets and payroll for your people.


Accounting software is an essential tool for your business. It performs basic invoicing and billing, tax calculations, and generate insightful financial reports that help your business grow smoothly and continuously.


[ Administration. Compliance. Management. ]

Task management for your team.

Project Management

Project management tools are used for time management, performance monitoring, resource allocation, and project planning.

Administration / HR

HR software and applications saves time by automating simple processes and help streamline processes to increase productivity and management.


Compliance management application centralizes, consolidates, automates, and streamlines processes, files, and communication relevant to an organization's adherence to meeting government and professional standards and regulations required in their industry.

[ Operations. Distribution. Storage. ]

Dashboard to manage your products.

Task Management

Task management tools make prioritizing and delegation easier. An effective task management tool offers the best solution to overcome challenges.

Inventory Management & Dashboard

Inventory management is vital to a business’ health. The OCD Dashboard tracks inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliveries. Proper management software increases transparency, lower costs, increases employee efficiency and customer loyalty.

Operations Management

Using a proper operations management application can streamline your operations and speed up product delivery to your consumers. It also maintains high employee retention which improves efficiency and cut costs.

[ Sales. Networking. Branding. ]

CRM for your customers.

Networking / Marketing / Promotions

Understanding and using networking & marketing tools increases brand awareness, gathers valuable customer & market data, and also drives lead generation & sales.

Lead Generation

Using lead generation tools automates processes while the leads can further be used for nurturing and converting prospects into customers. These tools provide you with real-time data, reporting access control, and easily customizable.


Having the right branding tools can expand your audience that results in more success and revenue. Branding helps you stand out in a saturated market, gives you credibility, and leads to customer loyalty. Branding helps to attract your ideal clients and will give you confidence in your business. Branding equals consistency.


Using photography platforms provides clients with high-quality images to use for marketing campaigns, business presentations, artwork, and more.

Why Choose Us

OCD Think Tank Inc. is more than just a business development company- we specialize in providing business solutions through our integrated ecosystem. As a business development firm, our unique suites of applications, global network of collective minds, and our high-level business and industry contacts have created what is essentially an idea incubator. The core of our OCD corporate vision is to employ these resources and assets digitally on a global scale – with no borders or restrictions. We will continuously monitor and mine the existing global knowledge bank searching for markets, ideas, innovations, and strategic ways to affect our lives and environment. 


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