McLeod Neighborhood Development Project

Highlighting a Vibrant and Connected Community in North Edmonton

In the heart of North Edmonton, nestled within the Casselman-Steele District Outline Plan area, lies the picturesque neighbourhood of McLeod. Bounded by 153rd Avenue to the north, 58th Street to the east, 144th Avenue to the south, and 66th Street to the west, this community is a prime example of thoughtful and engaging residential development.

At the core of McLeod's design are its single-detached homes, which form the majority of the residences in this inviting neighbourhood. Each home, meticulously planned and constructed, showcases a blend of modern convenience and classic comfort. Every street and avenue is thoughtfully laid out to encourage a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that echoes the overarching community-centric vision of the development.

Key Features of the McLeod Project:

  • Strategic Location: McLeod is advantageously situated with easy access to major thoroughfares, seamlessly connecting its residents to wider Edmonton and beyond.
  • Residential Focus: Almost exclusively composed of single-detached homes, the neighbourhood places family living at the heart of its development strategy, offering residents spacious and comfortable living solutions.
  • Community Integration: McLeod is not an isolated entity but is designed to be a harmonious part of the broader community. Several other residential neighbourhoods surround McLeod, fostering a vibrant and interconnected local area.
  • Accessibility: With major roads linking McLeod to other areas of the city, residents enjoy the luxury of convenient commutes, whether for work, education, or leisure.

As a part of this development project, our team contributed in the full scope from construction to handing over the keys to out happy buyers. We embraced the challenge of maintaining the community-focused vision/implementing sustainable practices/innovating residential design/any other specific challenges or goals of the project] and worked diligently to deliver results that exceeded expectations.

This project is a testament to what can be achieved when vision, expertise, and commitment come together. We are proud to showcase the McLeod Neighborhood Development Project as a prime example of our dedication to excellence in urban planning, architecture, construction and community growth. 

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