1. Interior Plasterer: Interior plasterers specialize in applying plaster to interior walls and ceilings, using techniques such as troweling and floating to achieve a smooth, even finish.

    2. Exterior Plasterer: Exterior plasterers apply plaster to the exterior of buildings, often using stucco or other durable materials to provide protection from the elements.

    3. Ornamental Plasterer: Ornamental plasterers specialize in creating decorative plasterwork, such as cornices, moldings, and medallions, using techniques such as casting and carving.

    4. Restoration Plasterer: Restoration plasterers specialize in repairing and restoring historic plasterwork, using techniques such as molding and casting to match existing plasterwork.

    5. Venetian Plasterer: Venetian plasterers apply multiple layers of plaster to create a smooth, glossy finish with a marble-like appearance.

    6. Drywall Finisher: Drywall finishers apply joint compound and tape to seams and joints in drywall, then sand and finish the surface to create a smooth, even finish.

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