The Mighty Neighborhood

Hello, Welcome to the Neighborhood!

The Mighty Neighborhood is about “creating the more beautiful world we know is possible.” (CHARLES EISENSTEIN)

The Mighty Neighborhood serves a community of Soulful Beings; namely men and women who are sons and daughters, mothers and fathers. Family is important to them. These men and women seek to serve the greater community - their Soul-Family - by their service as educators, healers, and health practitioners or as small business owners. These men and women are also change agents, paradigm shifters, and thoughtful community builders who tend to be the ‘early adopters’ of new ideas.


Our Main Events include:
  • Mighty Farmers & Artisan Markets paired with our Monthly GF, Gourmet Brunches,
  • Mighty Health and Healing Days
  • Mighty Dinner Social Extravaganzas

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4 products