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We have created BEE-Linked - [ PROFILE PAGE ] to showcase a business’s digital menu & offerings to their audience in simplistic visual process. YOUR BEE-Linked - [ PROFILE PAGE ] captures your audience’s attention and keeps them engaged through seamless navigation of all your touchpoints.

YOUR BEE-Linked - [ PROFILE PAGE ] can also be used as a link in bio tool that helps influencers and marketers create a micro landing page where they can display multiple links. We understand that most users access the platform from their mobile phones and that's why we built it with mobility in mind! Our application connects and unifies the client’s audience through a professional and interactive presentation menu.


To help business, brands, artists, publishers, agencies, and influencers better control their presence online by streamlining the customer experience through creative content-sharing enhancements.


Maintain a healthy hive of professionals that provide their offerings using our powerful integrations, support tools, that centralizes all their touchpoints to scale their connectivity through things like interactive forms, documents, social touchpoints, websites, images, videos into the marketplace.

“Create and leverage your brand identity while empowering your value.”


  • Connecting - [ Information | Products | Services ]
  • Unification - [ Social Media | Contact Points | Presentation Material ]
  • Professionalism - [ Brand Enhancements | Workflow Optimization | Consistency ]


  • Create a Digital Menu that better connects people to what they are looking for
  • Help businesses create more connections through seamless integrations
  • Make processes easier by streamlining communication & operational workflows
  • Create a power and elegant tool that people and businesses can leverage into the marketplace


Help our customers monetize their passions and networks through any of their platforms and touchpoints by connecting their audience with just a CLICK.

The plan

BEE-Linked focuses on the feature-first-then-design approach! You first choose the kind of links you want to create, then you customize the design.  After making your payment one of our team members will reach out to you and custom tailor your BEE-Linked experience to optimize your [ PROFILE PAGE ].

Features and Benefits

  • Share YOU, or YOUR Business(s) history, story, and vision
  • Introduce your team
  • Connect all your touchpoints
  • Enhance communication
  • Sell digital products to your followers and fans
  • Set up memberships on your link in bio
  • Accept donations and requests from your followers
  • Collect google analytics, (leads) directly from your link in bio
  • Integrate other email marketing automation
  • Create links that stand out by setting up content previews, embeds, and other types of rich media
  • Use a custom domain, like for your link page, which gives you full control of your branding
  • Allow others to save and download your contact information into their device. 

“You get way more for much less. My profile page exposes myself, my products, and my services. It's helping me gain more exposure.” - Andy L.

Why Choose Us

We are a team of like minded entrepreneurs that want to create a healthy business ecosystem that is mutually beneficial to all that participate. 

BEE-Linked was created as the centralized point of contact for businesses and individuals to interact efficiently and in a way that benefits local communities. 

When interacting; information and knowledge transfer are limited if the interaction is NOT COMPLETED. We enhance the ability to keep connected. 

  • Exchange your identity at the right place and time.
  • Leave a lasting impression with your audience.
  • Professionally present your profile.
  • Make it easy to reconnect. 

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3 products

3 products