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Sovran Shopping Club

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The Sovran Shopping Club is an eCommerce platform that seeks to build relationships between members and businesses using a private blockchain-based digital payment platform and a rewards program. The club aims to help merchants in communities around the world by providing an exclusive digital marketplace where merchants can offer discounts to club members, and members support these merchants locally or online​​.

Members of the Sovran Shopping Club receive various benefits such as:

  • Savings and discounts
  • Access to a mobile eWallet and a digital bank account
  • A Shopping Club Debit card
  • Referral and residual rewards
  • Support for local businesses and communities
  • Financial stability and freedom​​.

Merchants also enjoy benefits like:

  • An online storefront
  • Reduced transaction fees and no chargebacks
  • Access to a mobile eWallet and a digital bank account
  • Tools to help build their businesses
  • Premium banners and special promotions
  • Participation in advertising campaigns​.

The platform uses Sovran Shopping Coins, a digital stable coin pegged 1:1 to the Swiss Franc (CHF). These coins are used for transactions and can provide merchant and member discounts. The platform can handle up to one million transactions per minute and allows access to dynamic token rewards​.

The Sovran platform prioritizes privacy and security. It uses a proprietary security protocol, offers a closed-loop eCommerce platform, and allows private transactions between members. It supports strong anonymity by only utilizing your email without sharing any personal data. Furthermore, the platform is secured using a hybrid of AES/SED encryption, which is patented​​.

Efficiency is also a key feature of the Sovran platform, with the network handling up to one million transactions per minute and no wait times when using the platform. User data are securely synchronized across all authorized devices for seamless access and use​​.

The platform also offers a mobile application, currently available for Android devices, with a web version for all other devices. The app provides features such as a personal wallet, smart search for sellers and transactions using a QR code, deal finding, and push alerts for transaction notifications and price updates​​.


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