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M.INT’s goal is to elevate beauty professionals by offering comprehensive educational courses and top-quality products. Our brand is centered around offering private one-on-one and group classes, as well as online courses for those in the beauty industry to access at their convenience. With our centralized warehouse and various pick-up and shipping fulfillment locations throughout North America, we streamline business operations for efficiency. Additionally, our unique M.INT application offers a turnkey business with access to all retail industry inventory along with attractive profit margins. At M.INT we provide the best equipment, tools and materials in the industry to empower beauty professionals by developing innovative products as well as sharing fundamental knowledge.

As the founder, Marie Inthapagna is an industry leader with 2 decades of experience in the beauty industry, and she has created a highly visible company. M.INT is trademarked and well on its way to become a world-renowned brand which is currently expanding across North America. With its rapid scale model and capacity and sustainable revenue models it will develop into further locations and interconnect the community from around the world. Not only that, it has plans to reach deep into the global market through franchising and virtual content, presenting courses in multiple languages as well as expanding products, supplies, and other beauty support platforms and integrations. M.INT is dedicated to uplifting supporting people while being committed to excellence. As active participants in the integral role in beauty and wellness M.INT is also long-term member of multiple associations that upholding the highest standards of education, practices, and innovation of the industry.

Bringing over 5 decades of combined experience in beauty services, retail and professional products as we continuously strive for outstanding quality craftsmanship. With an enthusiastic and creative approach to problem-solving, these entrepreneurs ignite the spark of confidence in customers and students, who become loyal patrons as a result. To enhance loyalty we use promotions, ongoing marketing campaigns, rewards programs and other best practices that are carried forward to our customer. Integral to cultivating success is the utilization of the best technology tools available to meet our professional and customer demands as we stay on top of connectivity. This can also be displayed with our inventory management and optimal stock replenishing systems that interconnect communication within our locations and automate vendor orders. As the fastest growing industry, we continually setting and achieving sales targets with reports to follow suit. Our total sales are going to break half a million this year with so much room for exponential growth. Additionally, through innovative products, education and mentorship opportunities we are furthering our goal of creating jobs and supporting business growth.


Stage 1 Investment for Equity 

35 Shares @ $10,000.00 Each = $350,000.00 Total Investment 

Total Investment = 35% Equity of Canadian Market 

  1. Inventory to Nationalize Across Canada
  2. Marketing Budget 
  3. Operational Budget +Contingency Budget
  4. $50,000.00 Shareholders Loan 
  5. Existing Revenue + 3 Years Financials   

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