Email Signature Seal


Create an [ EMAIL SIGNATURE SEAL ] that enhances our customer profile with professional and customizable design that will make emails more intelligent and effective.


Optimize and enhance your potential of an [ EMAIL SIGNATURE SEAL ] to increase engagement, growth, and brand awareness.


"A simple change can make such a powerful impact."

Making Your Emails Smart

  • Gain Traffic
  • Increase Followers
  • Boost Sales

Transform your email signature into a marketing channel. Your elegant BEE-Linked [ EMAIL SIGNATURE SEAL ] will compliment your offerings and connecting points making every experience more effective. Make your inbox stand out and create an interactive experience that is proven to increase engagement.


Designed by Systems and Workflow Experts to:

  • Promote your brand
  • Showcase your signature block with all your credentials
  • Visually appealing banner that promotes your call-to-actions
  • Display your own professional disclaimer



Banner Messaging

Another way to campaign your unique offerings and announcements. BEE-Linked Smart Banners are perfect for performing and cross-selling your prospects to take action.

  • Increase your Sales, Revenue & ROI
  • Build awareness and traffic through visual campaigns that attach to your email
  • Add these powerful features to all your organizations email

Banners are a powerful way to create call-to-actions. Visually influence and draw your recipients attention while increasing responsiveness to your emails. These banners will help increase your earnings influenced by your customizable call-to-action banners. Increase awareness, promote cross selling/up-sales, showcase your products, services and more.

Email Insight

Review what's happened after an email has been sent. See if your emails have been opened, clicked or unanswered. This way you know where the receiver is at, allowing you to plan your next move without having to ask where they are. Interaction is important so are chain of events with the recipient so get the information to them when it’s the right time.

    Signature Management

    Your professional signature that looks great on all devices. Sign off every email with a professionally designed and smart signature that will leave a lasting impression every time you hit SEND.

    • Quickly & easily update
    • Manage remotely from your OCD Biz Solution Dashboard
    • Optimize to look great on all devices
    • We have done all the coding, so you don’t have to

    Supercharge your emails effectiveness with our email analytics and insights. Planning your next step is every person’s next step to achieving your goals and objectives. Time your next email or follow up as you track and trace every email sent or received. Your daily summary will show activities that you can manage at your fingertips while staying one step ahead.

    “My Email Signature Seal links to all my major touchpoints and my customers have commented on how unique the interaction is.” - Shannon W.

    Why Choose Us 

    BEE-Linked will help you become Email Smart. Email is the number one form of business communication throughout the world. We are here to provide powerful combinations to enhance your presentation for maximum results.

    We area team of like minded entrepreneurs that want to create a healthy business ecosystem that is mutually beneficial to all that participate.  Bee-Linked was created as the centralized point of contact for businesses and individuals to interact efficiently and in a way that benefits local communities. 

    When interacting; information and knowledge transfer are limited if the interaction is complete. 

    • Exchange your identity at the right place and time.
    • Leave a lasting impression with your audience.
    • Make it easier for them to connect. 

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