Hive City Operations

Hive City Operations

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Hive City is a place where diverse people come together to build and support positive results and passionate workmanship. We created an environment to show people different perspectives of how to improve and evolve. Our hand selected team creates solutions, streamlines objectives, and obtains results.

We are seeking an individual that will maintain day to day operations. This includes managing U-Haul reservations, maintaining the juice bar, event set up, and other tasks found within the hall.
  • U-Haul
    • Reservations
    • Customer Service
    • Policies & Procedures
  • Juice Bar
    • Customer Service
    • Customer Orders
    • Prep
  • Event Set Up
    • Table Set Up
    • Decor
    • Floor Plans
  • Logistics 
    • Pickups
    • Pick, Pack
    • Inventory Management 


  • Attention to detail
  • Organized
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Multi-tasking skills and ability to be flexible when priorities shift

No experience is required however experience in customer service and event planning is helpful


  • Must have own transportation
  • Cell Phone 
  • Laptop
  • Physical capabilities to lift 50 pound weight 


  • $2500 / Month Base Pay 
  • + Commissions
  • Additional hours available
  • + Bonuses 

Our Commitment

Our Vision

Our Team

why are we different

Our Culture

We providing our customers innovative offerings making it possible to create seamless, smart, and efficient solutions.

We’re more than just a company,
we’re a team and global family.

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