City View business Park

In the dynamic landscape of Edmonton's southeast sector lies the exemplary Oxford City View Business Park. A hallmark of our portfolio, this expansive industrial property is a testament to our commitment to excellence in real estate management and our vision for creating spaces that cater to businesses of all scales.


  • Location: Central to Edmonton’s southeast sector.
  • Number of Buildings: 16
  • Total Square Footage: 1,530,195 SF
  • Total Park Acreage: 97.84
  • Clearance Heights: Averaging between 28’ and 32’

Our Role:
We take immense pride in not just owning, but also meticulously managing, leasing, and operating the City View Business Park. Our dedicated efforts have been channeled into further developing the project to meet the evolving demands of its diverse tenants. This project stands as a living testament to our hands-on approach, ensuring that every facet of the property aligns with the highest standards of functionality, aesthetic, and business potential.

The City View Business Park is more than just a collection of buildings; it's a vibrant ecosystem designed for businesses to thrive. With flexible space options, the park accommodates businesses of various sizes, ensuring they have the infrastructure necessary to grow and succeed.

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