The action of assisting or donating something that provide value to those in need. 


Hive Connecting means coming together to find solutions that will help those in need and rebuild foundations for businesses to survive in our everchanging economy. We have created an environment that can support local businesses that are suffering because of the unfortunate events occurring around the world.

Let us help save your business….

So many businesses have closed, and many have lost their jobs. Hive City is a place of togetherness. We are taking businesses and restructuring them so they can survive the economy and expand their reach with our business development services. Hive City is consistently growing and with progressive growth comes many opportunities to be a part of something extraordinary. We are constantly seeking to fill positions to build our team.


We have aligned ourselves with industries and forged partnerships that have the same core values of giving back and aiming to positively impact the community. We are consistently collaborating on finding unique ways to get involved with the community so we can share their story. We connect with the community with our Local 50/50 Lottery, participating in charity events, requesting donations and creating nomination events.

Together we can do so much!

6 products

6 products