Advisory Board

Advisory Board

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OCD Biz Solutions is seeking Advisory Board Members 

As leading business development specialists we deliver end to end solutions to the global marketplace with a very diverse and unique value proposition. We are currently recruiting advisory board members who believe in our social mission and responsibility to deliver revolutionary ideas and strategic alignments that encourage business growth. 

If you believe in our mission and think that you can add value as an advisor we are recruiting individuals with high level experience in areas such:

  • Consulting & Strategic Alignments 
  • Information, Technology & Systems
  • Reporting & Asset Management
  • Admin, Compliance & Project Management
  • Operations, Storage & Logistics 
  • Sales, Networking, Branding & Promotions  

Responsibilities of advisors include:

  • Giving input through an online discussion
  • Participate in the strategy and growth of the company.
  • Joining periodic Zoom meetings in which advisors monitor and guide the company’s progress
  • Making helpful introductions to potential customers or partners.
  • Giving the management team guidance as they grow the venture.

We help people realize their full potential by giving them the support and tools they need.  If you feel you can add value to our team connect with us and we will send you additional information.



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