Data Entry Specialist

Data Entry Specialist

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Company Intro: OCD LOGISTICS

OCD Logistics Inc. was created to fully provide logistic solutions and distribution services to national and international companies needing warehousing, transportation, and other related services. Our robust solutions offer unparalleled services for growing online and in-store retail businesses.

We specialize in order fulfillment. Our omnichannel operations allow live monitoring of inventory with direct to-consumer communications and logistics. We provide an infrastructure that will enhance pick, pack, and ship orders, allowing transparent management through an online portal. As a reliable logistics partner, we make our client's life easier by streamlining distribution channels that seamlessly integrate the customer’s online experience with product fulfillment.

Customers leverage our industry experience, building scalable and cost-effective infrastructures that support E-Commerce growth. We offer an extensive suite of services that mitigate risks and provide service-oriented industries with the tools to enhance their success.


We are seeking for a Data Entry Specialist that will be responsible for updating and inputting information and products into our company database and our selling platforms. The data entry team also creates lead lists in collaboration with our marketing team.

  • Basic design skills with the knowledge to use Canva and Photoshop
  • Understands symmetry, unification, and esthetics when entering data into a selling platform
  • Ensures the data information is correct and is proactive in finding product information
  • Ensuring appropriate turnaround time on all data entry
  • Proactively verifying data
  • Performing data searches
  • Complying with security backups and regular checkups to ensure the safety of data storage
  • Understanding and complying with e-commerce platform rules and regulations

Skills Required

  • Ability to work independently and as part of the team
  • Able to take verbal direction
  • Accurate typing and data entry skills
  • Ability to accurately input a high volume of data
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Communication skills
  • Knowledge of basic computer programs, tools, and applications
  • Understanding of grammar
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications


  • Minimum of 2 years of data entry experience

Other Requirements

  • Must have own computer

Salary / Hourly Rate

  • TBD

Top Benefits / Perks

As an OCD Marketing team member, you’ll enjoy

  • Annual Bonus
  • Commission
  • Use of Corporate Applications & Tools
  • Option to work remotely
  • Flexible Hours


OCD Logistics HQ is in Canada; located in a city that thrives on community and supporting local businesses. It’s a great place for networking and building relationships. Word-of-mouth marketing flourishes the businesses in this city.

Contact / Application Information

To be considered for this opportunity, please submit your resume to:

If we accept your application, we’ll be in touch to schedule an interview. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

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