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Biz in a Box

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It is unfortunate when businesses have to close because overhead costs can fluctuate based on the economy. We eliminate many costs by taking products and putting them on selling platforms so business owners can still make revenue. We put your ‘Biz In A Box’.

OCD Logistics Inc. was created to fully provide logistic solutions and distribution services to national and international companies needing warehousing, transportation, and other related services. Our robust solutions offer unparalleled services for growing online and in-store retail businesses.

We specialize in order fulfillment. Our omnichannel operations allow live monitoring of inventory with direct-to-consumer communications and logistics. We provide an infrastructure that will empower pick, pack and ship orders, allowing transparent management through an online portal. As a reliable logistics partner, we make life easier by streamlining distribution channels that seamlessly integrate the customer’s online experience with product fulfillment. Leveraging opportunities, our sophisticated solutions work for our partners in extending their expertise and brand’s reach.

Customers leverage our industry experience, building scalable and cost-effective infrastructures that support their E-Commerce growth. We offer an extensive suite of services that alleviate risks and empower service-oriented industries with the tools to enhance their success.

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We providing our customers innovative offerings making it possible to create seamless, smart, and efficient solutions.

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we’re a team and global family.