Chief Scientific Advisor

Chief Scientific Advisor

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Company Intro: OCD Technologies

OCD Technologies utilizes sophisticated technology to create simple solutions. We integrate key business fundamentals to empower sustainability and scalability. Our goal is to strengthen a brand through customer experience. We created our ecosystem to help businesses to grow.

Our services specialize in cross-platform development and the integration of IT solutions and business intelligence. We design solutions around robust business processes that enhance a brand’s visibility, value, and customer reach. Delivering innovative ideas while empowering strategic alignments, we support creative entrepreneurs with the tools for success.


We are seeking a Chief Scientific Advisor that will fulfill a leadership role in research and development to provide scientific and technical guidance, oversight, and expertise. Your insight will evaluate the validity or viability of a proposed project and/or initiative. The Chief Scientific Advisor plays an active role throughout the lifecycle of the project, providing ongoing technical expertise.

  • Facilitate data exchange for both internal and competitor data
  • Identifies barriers and retention to achieve milestones
  • Perform literature searches and evaluation to support development of various type of innovative deliverables, including their formatting, referencing, and annotation
  • Meet quality requirements for all internal/external testing. identify and resolve quality issues in a timely manner

Skills Required

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office applications
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong leadership and critical thinking skills
  • Strong communication and time management skills


  • Master’s Degree

Other Requirements

  • Must have own computer

Salary / Hourly Rate

  • TBD

Top Benefits / Perks

As an OCD Technologies team member, you’ll enjoy

  • Annual Bonus
  • Commission
  • Use of Corporate Applications & Tools
  • Option to work remotely


OCD Technologies HQ is in Canada; located in a city that thrives on community and supporting local businesses. It’s a great place for networking and building relationships. Word-of-mouth marketing flourishes the businesses in this city.

Contact / Application Information

To be considered for this opportunity, please submit your resume to:

If we accept your application, we’ll be in touch to schedule an interview. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

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