We provide storage, moving logistic and distribution services to national and international companies needing warehousing, transportation, and other related services. Our robust solutions offer unparalleled service.

    We provide an infrastructure that will empower pick, pack and ship orders, allowing transparent management through an online portal. We make our client’s life easier by streamlining distribution channels that seamlessly integrate the customer’s online experience with product fulfillment.

    “It’s more than a service, it’s how we deliver the experience.”






    OCD Fulfillment & Logistics is committed to helping our clients achieve their goals. We see ourselves more as your E-commerce partner rather than just another fulfillment company.

    We empower entrepreneurs to compete with leading online retailers. Together, we determine how and where your products should be located in order to bring the most awareness and to get the lowest shipping costs available to you.

    We empower our employees to ensure they can deliver exceptional client experience and create long-lasting relationships with them.

    Features & Benefits

    Business Ecosystem

    OCD Fulfillment & Logistics is comprised of a network of vendors, distributors, clients, partners, consumers, and industry leaders. Through open collaboration, we devise plans to successfully deliver our products and services into the marketplace.

    We empower our business ecosystem by fostering a culture of innovation. We give our problems a voice so we can come together to formulate a solution.


    Our consulting team has your business’ best interest at heart. We perform an in-depth Discovery (analysis) of your business so we can pinpoint exactly what your business is lacking and where it is thriving.


    We use best technology that is not only effective for us, but the easiest to manage for you.


    Our dashboard is built to provide you the reports you need at any given time. It provides real-time sales, best-selling products and inventory on-hand that can help develop future forecasts and guidance to budget planning.


    There is always room for improvement to increase sales, create awareness, build relationships and expand your reach. Our development team is consistently finding new and innovative ways to grow businesses based on consumer demands, marketplace trends, up and coming technology just to name a few.

    Sales & Marketing

    Our experts in sales and marketing are composed of experts in many different industries that work with your business to get your desired results. We have several marketing tools and sales approaches that will bring a spotlight to your business.


    We offer warehousing, inventory management, receiving and packaging services that delivers your products successfully to your customer.


    We only source out the best quality supplies at the lowest prices so you can earn more money with your products by saving on your packaging and shipping costs. Our quality packaging supplies were chosen to ensure that your products arrive at its destination safely, securely and undamaged.

    Professional Team

    We have a team that specializes in all areas of Fulfillment and Logistics. We believe that every position within our facility plays a vital role in a successful delivery of a product. Our company standards were built to empower our team to build meaningful relationships and deliver extraordinary service.


    Package Consolidation

    We work with you to maximize the item consolidation per package for your products to save you money on shipping costs.

    Packaging Design & Development

    We find the best fit boxes, bags, tape and wrapping for your products to decrease shipping claims.

    Client Support

    OCD Fulfillment & Logistics offer an extensive Client Support base including; Live Chat, Call & Text, Email, Contact Form, Professional Assistance and Immediate Assistance.



    Order Management

    We ensure your products are handled with care and fulfilled on time. Any issues that may arise is immediately communicated so we can collectively find a permanent solution to prevent it from happening again.

    Pick & Pack & Ship

    We work with you to organize your inventory so our team can effectively pick and pack your products for shipment.


    Whether your products come in multiple boxes or in pallets, we will receive your shipment and place it in your storage unit. If needed, two of our team members will count the received inventory and update your dashboard.


    We offer multiple sizes of storage units to best fit your needs. We also have climate-controlled units to help preserve your products if needed.

    Reverse Logistics

    We are your reliable partner that handles your returns. Our process of your returns includes:

    1. Placing your products back into inventory after meeting specified quality control checks.
    2. Discarding damaged items, as instructed
    3. Collecting returns and sending to specified location on set schedule

    Customer Service

    A customer service representative is available to help you when you need support or will redirect you to the expert needed to answer your question.

    Virtual Agents

    Need that extra one on one support from our team of experts? Our virtual agents are on standby to support you.

    Transportation Management

    We are constantly working on optimizing and orchestrating customer orders. We provide insights to help you make data-driven decisions and identify opportunities to make operational improvements.

    Inventory Management

    Our dashboard allows you to manage your inventory effortlessly. You can create new products, delete products, edit item descriptions, set thresholds and countdowns, and more.

    Data Entry

    We have a data entry team that can upload your products onto your platform. This service will save you a great deal of time and get your products on the market faster.

    Data Security

    We provide end-to-end data protection. We have offsite servers as an extra precaution to prevent unauthorized access and data corruption.

    Website Hosting

    We give you the option of hosting your own website or allowing us to. Either way, you own your website files and are securely stored with us.

    Marketplace Connectivity

    We want to help your business grow. We not only pick, pack and ship your products, we also research where your products may thrive in sales.

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    1 product