HIVE Turf Leadership



    I believe that my experiences of being part of a team and coaching teams has led me to this unique opportunity of being the lead to this amazing project found within Hive City.

    Hive Turf is a place for individuals, teams, and athletes to grow, strengthen their skills, and showcase their talents. Growing up as an athlete has allowed me to strengthen my physical and mental capabilities. My eagerness to improve and learn allow me to use my experience throughout my daily routines. I am passionate about sharing my skillsets with whoever is willing to learn and I believe everyone, no matter what age, should have the opportunity to be active and healthy.

    Not only does Hive Turf serve the recreational industry, it also serves the community by hosting unique
    events that bring people , teams, friends , and families together for all types of occasions. My experience in hospitality has taught me how to connect and serve the community through meaningful interactions and by just having fun!

    "I am grateful to have this opportunity to lead this project and build a team around our hive."

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    2 products