Jorge Quintero



    Jorge Quintero - World Pickle Ambassador  / Coach 

    Jorge comes to Pickleball with a Squash background, where he managed to achieve some of the top rankings in Canada and around the world as a Junior player.

    Jorge was a double Gold Medalist at the Pan-American Junior Championships in Mexico. He also placed in the top 4 in big tournaments such as the US Junior Open and the Scottish Junior Open. Jorge competed in squash all his Junior years and not long ago was introduced to Pickleball by his former Squash sponsor. He started training and competing in Pickleball and has had great achievement in the past 3 years. Jorge has won sanctioned tournaments in the highest level of Pickleball, Level 5.0, on both Men’s doubles and Mixed doubles. He’s also a Gold Medallist in singles at level 4.5 but his passion is in Doubles and mixed doubles.

    Jorge can be found organizing play for low and high level players and is constantly looking for venues to accommodate play to help grow the sport.

     Jorge was profiled by Pickleball Canada as one of the top Alberta players. His goal is to become a top Pickleball Pro and travel around the world playing tournaments and competing against the best. He also wants to open a Pickleball Training Academy for Pickleballers to improve their game.

     Jorge was appointed as a Pickleball World Ambassador for Canada and Colombia, with the “IFP” International Federation of Pickleball, and plans to keep growing the sport, so that one day it will be in the Olympics.

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