Pre-Moving Checklist: How to Get Started

Pre-Moving Checklist: How to Get Started

When you have a million things or ideas on the go, staying focused is a task in itself. Making a pre-moving checklist is the best way to keep the job in order. Start simply and add items as the process advances.  

The moment you know you’re going to move, whether it’s a month or a year away, you need to get planning and packing. 

For moves that are happening sooner rather than later, it’s important to start planning what is getting packed, possibly stored, and what you need until the big day. 

Books, movies, and extra kitchen contraptions can all get packed up and labeled.  The same goes for extra linens, seasonal outerwear and any toys that kids could live without. As the big day draws nearer, make an effort to pack a box or two a week, take down pictures and decor, disassemble any furniture that can be packed. Set aside donations and anything that needs to be tossed for a weekly trip to clear it out as you go. 

As your shelves and rooms clear out, you should be able to tackle bigger jobs, like cleaning carpets, drapes, and blinds. You will start to see a decrease in extra stuff you’ve been meaning to get rid of.

This plan can also be followed for moves that are further in the future, and this will allow you more time to purge things you’ve been meaning to get rid of. Keeping on track with a packing schedule is just as important, as it can be easy to push it back day after day until you’re stuck cramming random stuff into boxes the night before, or the day of the move. 

Gathering a team of friends to help do the heavy lifting should be done with as much notice as possible, make sure you are clear about what you intend to return the favour with, whether it be gas money, pizza and beer, or even cash. Ask a few backup people just in case, moving day is known for no-shows. Alternatively, hiring a moving company is a great way to ensure the job gets done. Book the moving company and ensure the contract and payment are in order. 

Even if you hate the thought of packing and moving, a plan and a list will get you through and it will feel like no time before you’re enjoying your new home.