Guiding Principles Minister Form

Guiding Principles Minister Form

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8 PmC – [ Private ministers Cooperative ]

Claim as Sovereign: [ NAME ]

"We declare our 888 PmC are exercising our unalienable right of self-determinization, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of choice from which all of this is given directly to us from our God/Creator. Unalienable Rights cannot be infringed upon. In this agreement with living souls we decree our liberty. I AM a Sovereign creature exercising my freedom as I ascend the spiral of the Spirit of Life and Truth, it is my intention to serve the highest purpose and that Love, Life, Light and Peace prevail in all dimensions."

Genesis 1:26-29


  1. Invited by existing minister 
  2. Attend 3 functions for vetting 
  3. Vetted Application Intake From 
  4. Approval & Exchange 
  5. Live Life Claim - Enter into Live Ledger 
  6. 888 - PmC Profile Page & Credentials 
  7. Affirmation of minister  


  • Redo the form 
  • Add intake form 
  • Bank Account 
  • Workflow Audit 
  • Current Members Onboarded 
  • Schedule Appointment to Autograph 


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