Mind-Body Medicine


    Summer Bozohora

    If you're ready to discover step-by-step how to heal deeply you're in the right place!

    Learn how to access emotional, energetic and spiritual reasons behind symptoms as you tap into Universal Energetic Laws.

    You will discover how to heal in ways most don't think is possible.

    Your thinking & my thinking is limited! This is why many of us are so stuck.

    The courses you find here will guide you to tap into your own psychic and intuitive abilities to heal. They simplify inner soul work by teaching you how to follow the "energy trail" to the true inner root cause of physical, emotional and spiritual pain and suffering.

    They will help you dive deeper into the mind/soul/body connection and access your innate abilities to release blocks and heal - often on several levels spontaneously! You will discover the other 95% of your awareness and open a much brighter future for you and your family.

    These classes invite students to remember how natural it is to transform negative, stuck, stagnant energy to feelings of peace, innerstanding and love.

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    4 products

    4 products