Hive City

Hive City

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$6,000,000 - [ Building Investment + Project Investment ]  


The time has come for us to move into a stable space that will be the foundation for our vision of Hive City. In the last few years, we have successfully built a diverse portfolio of several successful businesses, with solid plans for a handful more. We are looking for the right people to financially support my amazing team as we take our exciting steps into the future.

Lifestyle is all about freedom and flexibility. We serve a broad and diverse audience with a varied spectrum of requirements. Our creativity begins with the convenience that comes from thoughtfully designed plans.

With alluring anchors, we become a cornerstone destination that will attract visitors from near and far that need support in developing ideas. This Business Development Center will be connected to the rest of the city in every conceivable way. We will transform this project that will put us in the heart of the action.  In addition to boasting a variety of organizations, our combined amenities will make it the ideal place to incubate ideas and support world renown talent. 

"BEE all for one and one for all." 

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