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    Our organization is comprised of experienced professionals and industry experts that are dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals and celebrate their milestones. We aspire to make lasting impressions and leave our clients with more value and knowledge to take with them through their journey.

    Hive Society is the name of our team and our objective is to create prosperous businesses with the support of our organizational structure.

    FCFA was created for players.  It's meant to provide professionals technical training using the most innovative equipment available.   

    FCFA is designed to give player the tools, both mentally and physically to achieve their goals within soccer and life.  We show players how to train smarter so they can train better.  Our academy is a place that parents can feel confident about bringing their child for training.  We focus on developing players not playing politics. 

    Players come first

    • Respect!
    • Honesty!
    • Team Work!

    The keys to success are an integral part of our commitment to families who put their trust in us.  

    "Growing athletes and confidence are our priorities."

    Chapter 1 The Rebel:

    We sit down with FCFA Founder/Director personally and get to know why this academy is soo important. Growing up in Edmonton and having lived a small portion of his youth in Portugal he understands the difference in Cultures but also the similarities in LOVE AND PASSION shared for this game!

    Chapter 2 The Academy:

    FCFA is more then just bibs, cones and balls! We understand the importance of DIVERSITY within STRUCTURE. Keeping up to date with all the latest technology and equipment is only a small part of how far FCFA will go for its kids! This is more then just soccer its FOOTBALL its FAMILY!

    Chapter 3 The Opportunities:

    ​Canada has been known infamously thru out the world for its HOCKEY and definitely not our football... But thru out the years there has been some Canadian players that have broken thru into the European Stage. MOST of those players tho living out East In Ontario or Quebec... FCFA looks to change the perspective of CANADIAN FOOTBALLERS ESPECIALLY IN EDMONTON! We take a deeper look at HOW FCFA plans to do that with the partnership with Pedro Silva of KOOL4YouManagement in Portugal...

    Chapter 4 Game Time:

    The Final Chapter gives us a look at how our Elite 2005 and 2006 players did in-front of Mr. Silva the weekend of March 7-8 2020. Having played in Portugal Filipe understood that the perception of Canadian Footballers can be very skewed.. Here we get the view point of FIFA Agent Pedro Silva on our players and their performance!!

    FCFA Founder / Director  - Filipe Manuel Fidalgo


    Thank you to everyone that has made this day possible! To all those players and parents who have sacrificed soo much of there time for this sport unknowingly growing to this point, allowing FCFA to make this all possible. All the days in the park won't go in vain we will make it for someone and they will carry it on for others!!! 


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