Bison Education & Harvest


At The Peoples Market & Exchange, our mission is to foster a deeper connection between people, culture, and the natural world through immersive [ bison ]- tatanka harvesting experiences. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices, honoring traditional wisdom, and nurturing a community that values sovereignty, respect for nature, and the shared joy of learning and growing together. By bringing together diverse communities for educational and enriching activities, we aim to bridge cultural gaps, encourage environmental stewardship, and celebrate the richness of our collective heritage. Our events are not just hunts; they are journeys into the heart of tradition, unity, and mindful living."



"Our vision at The Peoples Market & Exchange is to become a beacon for community-driven, culturally respectful, and environmentally conscious experiences. We aspire to create a world where the principles of sovereignty, unity, and intentional living are not only understood but actively practiced. Through our buffalo harvesting events, we envision bridging the gap between traditions and modern communities, fostering a global network of individuals committed to preserving our natural heritage and cultural legacies. We see a future where every individual is empowered to connect deeply with nature, embrace diverse cultures, and contribute to a sustainable and harmonious world. Our journey is more than an event; it's a movement towards a more connected, respectful, and mindful society, united in the celebration of life and the stewardship of our planet."



1. Community Engagement and Growth: To build a robust community of participants and supporters who are actively involved in and advocate for the values of Peoples Market & Exchange.

2. Cultural Integration and Respect: To establish strong partnerships with Native communities and other cultural groups, ensuring their traditions and practices are respectfully integrated and highlighted in our events.

3. Educational Outreach: To develop comprehensive educational programs that enlighten participants about sustainable hunting, food sovereignty, and cultural histories, aiming to reach a diverse audience, including schools and community groups.

4. Environmental Sustainability: To implement and maintain environmentally sustainable practices in all aspects of our events, from hunting to waste management, and contribute to conservation efforts.

5. Event Expansion and Diversification: To expand the event offerings, including different types of hunts, cultural activities, and workshops, catering to a wide range of interests and skill levels.

6. Quality Experience Assurance: To ensure each event provides a high-quality, safe, and enriching experience for all participants, focusing on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

7. Market Development and Economic Sustainability: To develop a sustainable economic model for the Peoples Market & Exchange, including fair pricing, efficient resource management, and exploring revenue streams such as merchandise, partnerships, and sponsorships.

8. Community and Cultural Legacy: To create a lasting impact by fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of nature and cultural heritage among participants, aiming to influence their perspectives and practices beyond the events.

9. Technology and Innovation: To leverage technology for enhancing event management, participant engagement, and educational content delivery, including the development of apps or online platforms.

10. Brand and Image Development: To establish Peoples Market & Exchange as a leading brand in culturally respectful and environmentally conscious community events.

11. Networking and Collaboration: To build a network of collaborators, including hunters, conservationists, cultural leaders, and educators, to enrich the event experience and broaden our impact.

12. Health and Wellness Integration: To incorporate health and wellness activities into events, promoting holistic well-being and connecting it with nature and cultural practices.


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6:00 AM – Arrival and Welcome Briefing

  • Participants arrive and receive a warm welcome.

  • Introduction to guides and overview of safety and activities.

6:30 AM – Division into Groups and Departure

  • Split into Groups and Camp Setters.

  • Participants proceed with guides, and Camp Setters start camp preparations.

7:00 AM to 12:00 PM – Hunting and Camp Activities

  • Group engages in the buffalo.

  • Camp Setters prepare the site, including teepees and fire.

12:00 PM – Regroup and Lunch

  • Groups reunite for a communal lunch.

1:00 PM – Meat Processing and Cultural Activities

  • Participants learn and assist in meat processing.

  • Cultural exchange activities commence.

4:00 PM – Preparation for Evening

  • Concluding meat processing.

  • Setting up for the evening meal and other leisure activities.

5:00 PM – Prayer and Blessing Ceremony

  • Group assembles for a spiritual moment, blessing the land and the harvest.

6:00 PM – Dinner and Campfire Gathering

  • Enjoying a meal made from the day's harvest.

  • Evening filled with storytelling and camaraderie around the fire.

8:00 PM – Night Activities

  • Socializing, cultural sharing, or personal time

  • Story telling 
  • Overnight in Camp

  • Participants stay in teepees or camping accommodations.

Next Day, 7:00 AM – Breakfast

  • Morning meal and informal gathering.

8:00 AM – Group Tree Planting Ceremony

  • All participants come together to plant a single tree.

  • The ceremony symbolizes unity and giving back to the land, reinforcing the event's commitment to sustainability and growth.

9:00 AM – Closing and Departure

  • Closing remarks, distribution of meat and souvenirs, discussion of butchering and usage of bison parts.

  • Participants leave with lasting memories and connections.

Event Pricing and Allocation Breakdown:

Total Cost per Participant: $750

Guide Fees ($200):
This portion is dedicated to compensating the guides who lead and educate the participants during the hunt. It ensures skilled and knowledgeable professionals are available to provide a safe and informative experience.

Business Contribution ($200):
This allocation supports the operational costs of Peoples Market & Exchange, covering expenses like event organization, equipment, camp setup, and other logistical aspects. It also contributes to the overall sustainability and growth of the business.

Meat Allocation ($100):
Participants receive a portion of the hunt's yield, approximately 10 lbs of meat. This cost covers the processing, packaging, and distribution of the meat, ensuring participants take home high-quality, ethically harvested bison meat.

Remaining Revenue Allocation ($250):
Any additional revenue generated from the event (beyond the base cost per participant) is funneled into several key areas:

Sustainable Practices and Conservation Efforts:
A portion is invested back into environmental initiatives, including the tree planting ceremony and other conservation efforts.

  • Cultural and Community Engagement:
    • Funds are allocated to enhance cultural exchange programs, community involvement, and educational activities.
  • Future Event Development:
    • Resources are allocated to improve and expand event offerings, ensuring a diverse and enriching experience for future participants.

  • Support for Local Communities and Partnerships:
    • A part of the revenue supports local communities, especially those involved in the cultural and educational aspects of the event.

Additional Options (Variable Costs):

Participants have the option to purchase additional meat, souvenirs made from bison materials, or engage in special activities for an extra fee. These costs are determined based on the specifics of each option.

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