Events Policy



The [Venue] is committed to a policy of providing legal, proper responsible hospitality The sale service of alcoholic beverages is regulated by the Alberta Gaming Liquor Commission the Venue, as licensee, is responsible for administration of these regulations It is a venue policy that liquor may not be brought into the venue for use in banquet or hospitality functions. 


SOCAN RE: SOUND FEE All functions where music is part of the entertainment are subject to the society of composers, authors music publishers of Canada (RE SOUND music tariff fees). 



The [Venue] is a 100% smoke free environment In an effort to provide every guest with a comfortable, clean, fresh healthy accommodation we have a strictly enforced nonsmoking policy Smoking is not permitted within 25 feet of the venue entrance or anywhere on the venue property Please advise your attendees of this policy Violators of this policy will be fined up to 250 Persons securing rooms on behalf of a group are expected to publicize this policy to all members of the group The venue will at every opportunity advise the public of this policy on all printed materials, website, at time of booking. 


OUTSIDE FOOD BEVERAGE POLICY All food beverages served at functions associated with the event must be provided, prepared, served by [Venue] banquet kitchen must be consumed on venue premises. 


DECORATIONS Arrangements for floral centerpieces, special props entertainment may be made through an outside vendor Please inform your Event Manager of any special arrangements made with an outside vendor All decorations must meet with the approval of the Edmonton Fire Department regulations The [Venue] will not permit the affixing of any items to the walls or ceilings of the rooms unless written approval is given by the Events Department Terms of décor guidelines will be further established in your contract. 



Our facility offers free parking and can be left overnight. There is additional parking available in the surrounding areas of the building.  



The [Venue] is pleased to offer coat check services upon request Please confirm with your Sales or Event Manager on pricing. 



To create a legendary experience, we will require your final menu selections one 1 month prior to your reception All menu prices are subject to a taxable service charges sales tax All food beverage must be supplied prepared by the [Venue] consumed on the premises consuming raw or uncooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. 

Any changes to the menus or other setup (minimum 72 hours prior to the function) must be requested in person and in writing so the changes may be accommodated (where possible) but only changes that were written and initialized of both parties will be considered final. 



Custom dietary needs are available upon request 


Cut & Platter | $125 






Final guest guarantees are required by 12:00 pm, ten (10) business day prior to the scheduled function If no guarantee is provided, the contracted attendance number will be considered the guarantee DEPOSITS An initial deposit in the greater amount of a 25% advance deposit will be required to secure function space for all social functions. Subsequent deposits will be processed leading up to your wedding day or event, will be established in your contract payment of all contracted charges are expected ten (10) business days prior to your event, based upon your guarantee. 



The Group will have all menu selections completed no later than thirty 30 days prior to the event The Group will also notify the Event Manager at the venue of the final count no later than three (3) working days prior to the event, or the expected number will be used. This number will be your guarantee is not subject to reduction. 



A customary taxable service charge (currently 20%) & sales tax (currently 5%) will be added to all pricing. Menu is subject to an annual increase. 



If an event is booked between: 

  • 8- 12 months – 3 payment schedules 
  • 1st deposit to secure the date 
  • 2nd payment 3 months before the event date 
  • 3rd final payment – 7 days prior to date 
  • 6 months  
  • 1st Deposit to secure the date.  
  • 2nd final deposit 7 days prior to event  
  • 3 months  
  • Full payment is required. 



If clients cancel within the 48 hours after the Event Discovery with $1000 deposit, the company will withhold 10% of the time spent with the client. 

If Client requests cancellation of this contract seven (7) days or more before the event, the event management company shall be entitled to 100 percent of the Estimated Total Cost.  

If Client requests cancellation 30 days before the event, the event management company shall be entitled to 50 percent of the Estimated Total Costs. 

If Client requests cancellation 90 days before the event, the event management company shall be entitled to 10 percent for 90-day cancellation.  



See section 8 of the Event Contract 

A force majeure event cancellation would include unforeseen and uncontrollable events such as natural disasters, pandemics, acts of war or terrorism, and government-mandated closures or restrictions. Other examples may include severe weather conditions, power outages, transportation disruptions, and other types of emergencies that prevent the event from taking place as planned. 

The party claiming force majeure shall notify the other party within 24 hours of when it learns of the existence of such a condition and shall similarly notify the other within a period of two working days after the condition is remedied. If such condition of force majeure, however, is not remedied within 2 days, the unaffected party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement. 

The payments will be put on hold until we come up with a resolution in a prompt and mediated fashion between [Venue] and the all group parties involved. 

A reasonable solution for a force majeure event cancellation would depend on the specific circumstances and the terms outlined in the contract between the parties involved. Some possible solutions could include rescheduling the event, offering refunds or credits for future events, or finding alternative arrangements that still allow the event to take place, such as moving it to a virtual platform. In any case, clear and open communication with all parties involved is essential to finding a solution that is fair and acceptable to all. 




Customer will be responsible for any damages to the items belonging to the facility such as cutlery, glasses, China, stoneware, pots, pans, equipment, any part of the building or anything owned by the venue. 

The management cannot assume liability or responsibility for damage or loss of personal property or equipment in the function area. Additional security services can be arranged on client's behalf or we can provide security. Security arrangements are required if management assess that there is a need for it. In this case, security arrangements must be made prior to function begin otherwise party will not be allowed. For more info, please consult with the event management. 



For evening parties, function end time is 1:00am & the facility should be vacated by 1:30am, unless otherwise timings are specified in writing. Extra time will be charged at $600 per hour or $3.00 per person (# of people booked at the party), whichever is greater, excluding the charges for service people. 

A $250 for cleanup will be charged for conferences or seminars where no food will be consumed and a $350 for cleanup will be charged for banquets and parties where food will be consumed. 



Please assign one contact person for the party arrangements who should communicate with the party hall supervisor for the food and other map arrangements. We may not communicate or provide function information or carry out any activity with any unauthorized person. 

Once agreed upon, the contract is legally binding and the full payment is required in any reservation.