Local Market Policy

Market Policy

Product Guidelines
All products sold at the market must strictly adhere to their respective category by rules put fourth by AHS and CFIA. (Ex. Dairy free, Nut free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, etc)

We also ask that you label all products clearly, including any potential allergens or dietary restrictions, to help customers make informed choices.

In addition, all vendors must comply with any relevant health and safety regulations, including those related to food preparation and handling. Your products must follow the guidelines set by the local health authority for gluten-free food items.

2. Table Options

Bring your own table 8ft max length or we can provide one for a small fee. Fees are outlined in the application form.


Payment can be made via invoice, all payment options will show up on the invoice.

4.Refund Policy

If you are unable to attend the market, we will provide a full refund if we are notified at least 21 days prior to the event. A 50% refund is given if you cancel between the 14-21 day mark prior to the event date. No refunds will be given for cancellations made 14 days or less prior to the event. 

If an event is cancelled for unforeseen circumstances, your deposit will be moved over to the next event date.

5. Operational Logistics

If you require electricity, please let us know in advance. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, but please note that there may be limitations to the number of outlets available. Please bring a extension cord if you request electricity

Water: If you require water, please let us know in advance. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, but please note that there may be limitations and other recommendations may be provided.

Trash Disposal: Garbage cans will be available at the designated areas.

Hygiene and cleanliness: All vendors are expected to maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness in their stalls or locations. This includes keeping the surrounding area clean and waste-free.

6.Health and Safety

We take the health and safety of our vendors and customers very seriously. Please ensure that your products are stored and displayed safely, and that you have appropriate hand sanitizing facilities available.

All vendors must comply with any relevant health and safety regulations, including those related to food preparation and handling. Alberta Health Services requires that all food vendors complete and submit the "Temporary Food Establishment Notification Form" and the "Food Vendor Checklist" prior to the event. Please ensure that you have completed these forms and send them to us no later than [Specified Date] via email to [Email Address]. Please have these forms available at your vendor station during the market.

If you have any concerns or questions about health and safety regulations or the required paperwork, please let us know.

7.Respectful communication:

Vendors are expected to communicate in a respectful and friendly manner with other vendors, market staff, and visitors.

Definitions of Disrespectful Behaviors:
a) Verbal Abuse: Use of offensive language, slurs, insults, derogatory comments, or any written communication that disrespects or belittles others involved in the market.
b) Bullying or Harassment: Intentional and repeated actions, words, or behaviors intended to belittle, intimidate, or humiliate others.
c) Discrimination: Unfair treatment based on characteristics such as race, gender, religion, nationality, age, disability, sexual orientation, or any other protected class.
d) Threats or Violence: Expressing intent to harm or engage in aggressive behavior towards individuals or property.

8.Acknowledgement of Traditional Land

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge that the land on which we will be holding this event is the traditional territory of the Blackfoot Confederacy (comprised of the Siksika, Kainai, and Piikani Nations), as well as the Tsuut’ina Nation and the Stoney Nakoda (including the Chiniki, Bearspaw, and Wesley Bands) Nations. We recognize their longstanding relationship with this land, which continues to this day, and we are committed to honouring their contributions and respecting their ongoing stewardship of the land.

9.Non-Bullying and LGBTQ+ Friendly

We want to make it clear that we have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying or discrimination of any kind. We are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all vendors and customers, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, religion, ability, or any other characteristic. If you witness or experience any behavior's that goes against these values, please notify one of the event organizers immediately.


Please note that we are not liable for any damages or losses incurred by vendors, including but not limited to theft, injury, or damage to property. By participating in this event, you agree to assume all risks and responsibilities associated with your participation.

11. Insurance Coverage

To ensure the safety and well-being of all participants in our market events, we require that all vendors include Lokal as an additional insured on their insurance coverage. This policy applies to all vendors participating in our events, and it is an essential component of our commitment to creating a secure and protected environment for everyone involved.

Details on how to add Lokal as an additional insured will be provided upon request or during the vendor sign-up process. This requirement is in place to mitigate potential risks and ensure that our events align with the highest standards of safety and security.

12. Late AHS form submission

Please submit your AHS/SCA forms on time, fees might apply for late returns. ($15 CAD)

13. Late payment of invoices 

Late payment will/can result in late payment fees or exclusion from participating in the applied market or future events by lokal and/or its subsidiaries.


Discounted Invoices Not Refundable:

Invoices that include any form of discount (early bird, promotional, referral, etc.) are considered final and not eligible for refunds. This policy is explicitly mentioned in discount offers, emails, and promotional materials.

Market Day Arrival Times, Setup and Parking

Business hours: Vendors must adhere to established business hours and should not open or close earlier or later than specified.

Signage, Pricing & Labelling

Fair pricing: Vendors are expected to price their products fairly, taking into account market demand and competition. Any price fixing is strictly prohibited.

References Excluded:

Please note that references are not included in the Discount Invoice Refund Policy. Invoices associated with reference-based discounts are eligible for regular refunds as per our standard refund policy.

By adhering to these policies, local vendors can create a positive marketplace experience for all and contribute to the overall success of the market. Let's work together to create a thriving local economy!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at hivecity.com.