Alchemists of the Round Table

Alchemists of the Round Table

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Does it seem like you don't have enough time and energy?
And so you're feeling overwhelmed and bored.
It's because you're here to live your purpose, but you're not.

Men, you are here to create and you can't do it alone.

You need to be challenged, held accountable to your actions and receive support from other men. This is COMMUNITY.

You thrive working in a structured way, having clarity and receiving direction from other men. This is DISCIPLINE.

You crave to live out your purpose of why you're here. THIS IS MEANING.

It all starts with YOU becoming a conscious leader of yourself first. And you can't do it alone.

The Alchemists of the Roundtable is an exclusive men’s group where we empower each other to be our best selves in all aspects of life with support and accountability.

Our Vision:
To raise the consciousness of humanity through self-empowerment.

Our Mission:
To become our best selves by leading self through continuous personal transformation.

This is an immersive experience where you experience continuous personal transformation. We connect three times a week to transform, mastermind and study.

Transformation Mondays:
You get to learn, apply and reflect on a chosen topic.

Mastermind Wednesdays:
You get to engage in conversations about any topic important to the group.

Study Fridays:
You get to read, reflect and share on esoteric concepts.

Monthly Gatherings:
You get to experience your embodied masculine energy.

What Men Are Saying:

"Being around men that want to better themselves helped me through a tough time."
- Bronson Padmore

"I look forward to our weekly mastermind because I gain so much from others' perspectives and insights."
- Dominic Hall

"The content is fresh and new each week. I'm a husband and father of four so this saves me time and energy to curate it."
- Joel Bosch

Join the Alchemists of the Roundtable and grow with us.

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