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BEE-Linked is a link in bio tool that helps influencers and marketers create a micro landing page where they can display multiple links. We understand that most users will be accessing the platform from their mobility. That’s why we built it with mobile-first in mind!

  • Onboard our internal team to fully beta test our application
    • Fix and polish application
    • Collect all the data

Features & Benefits of the App

  • Share your history
  • Introduce your team
  • Connect all your touchpoints
  • Enhance communication
  • Sell digital products to your followers and fans
  • Set up memberships on your link in bio
  • Accept donations and requests from your followers
  • Collect emails (leads) directly from your link in bio
  • Integrate other email marketing automation
  • Create links that stand out by setting up content previews, embeds, and other types of rich media
  • Use a custom domain, like for your link page, which gives you full control of your branding

Unlike other applications and most alternatives, BEE-Linked doesn’t utilize a drag-&-drop editor. It focuses on the feature-first-then-design approach! You first choose the kind of links you want to create, then you customize the design.  Adding and designing your links is far much easier and simpler with BEE-Linked compared to the experience when using a drag-&-drop editor where your trying to do your best based on your own limitation. 

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