Connection through Conscious Communication

Connection through Conscious Communication

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8 Week Course - using Non-Judgemental Language. (including the work of Marshall Rosenberg (Non Violent Communication (NVC) Shiraz Chamine (Positive Intelligence) and Summer Bozohora (Healing from the INside-OWT)

In this practical course you will:

  • Learn how to get out of our cultural habits of "naming and blaming".
  • Build a vocabulary of feelings and needs that will improve your relationships.
  • Learn step-by-step strategies how to accept, honour and trust when difficult feelings of anger, resentment, withdrawal, aversion, grief and doubt etc. arise. 
  • Discover your own personal saboteurs & survival perceptions
  • Identify and be curious about others' saboteurs & survival perceptions
  • Learn how to be vulnerable and deepen intimacy with a life-partner. 
  • Gain new tools to Transform Trauma and Triggers into Insight and Growth. 
  • Learn how to make an observation of behaviour without mixing in labels and judgements. 
  • Learn how to speak to the most difficult people in your life. 
  • Learn how to be fully present without judging yourself AND others. 
  • Learn how to fully accept your feelings, express them and have others appreciate you for it!
  • Explore the difference between a demand and a sincere request
  • Transform the way you deal with challenging people in your workplace 
  • Learn the powerful way these skills create authentic connection that liberates us all and allows us to find joy in meeting each others needs … (Yes!  It’s possible AND fun :)

 "The difference this course has made in our lives in such a short time with each other and our children has been life-changing" 

Kathy Reaume Jackson - Edmonton.

QUIZ: This 8 week LIVE workshop might be useful for you if you can answer ‘yes’ to most of these questions: 

  • Does the idea of conflict secretly scare you?
  • Do you have a lot of trouble saying ‘no’ without feeling guilty?
  • Do you often feel like your personal needs are a burden on others? 
  • Is it really important for you to be seen as ‘reasonable’ and ‘nice’?
  • Do you often avoid sharing the truth of what you’re feeling and needing with loved ones because you don’t want to hurt their feelings?
  • Do you often feel confused about exactly what it is you are feeling and needing?
  • Do you believe that your needs are something you should transcend or ignore (vs. just getting them met)?
  • Do you find yourself staying quiet (smiling sweetly and unable to speak up) in intolerable situations?
  • Do you sometimes feel scared that your feelings will overwhelm you or others?
  • Do you sometimes lie about how hurt or uncomfortable you feel because you don’t want to be ‘rude’?
  • Do you collapse and crumble inside when you’re verbally attacked? (Or, do you just lose your shit and say things you later regret?)


If you are like us, many of you have experienced heartbreak and conflict with some of the people closest to us in the last 2-3 years.

So many things are shifting in many people's lives and their relationships.  It’s truly been painful and confusing hasn’t it?

You might have found some sense of acceptance or feel numb or empty, yet long for a chance to deepen your existing relationships and find more meaning.  Some of you may even dare to find some connection and understanding with whomever you find most challenging to connect with - even someone who you haven’t spoken to in decades.

We all know, somewhere deep down in our hearts, it IS possible.

What these divisions and conflicts and confusion really means is that we are experiencing unconscious patterns rise which also means (and this is the EXCITING part) you are a powerful ‘pivot point’ in your family who has the ability to shift these unconscious emotional enslavement patterns to be free.

AND it’s easier than you might think!  In fact, it's not about thinking AT ALL!

It's about FEELING.  Feelings and Needs!

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTORS: Summer Bozohora and Andre Lam 

Summer and Andre both work in the world of “Alchemy’ which is about profound, quick shifts in mental and emotional states, situations and physical symptoms. They have a combined experience of over 27 years coaching, teaching and facilitating. 

Andre was trained in Positive Intelligence with Shirzad.  He knows the "saboteur' work inside-and out.  His passion is men’s leadership and personal development.  He is known as a powerful speaker and facilitator who reconnects men with their hearts and innate inner masculine power.  

Summer is the Author of Soul-Side Out; Universal Laws to Healing and Living Your Best Life.  Her 5-step process of INside-OWT allows for profound shifts in insight and healing within Life or Health Crisis. The Simple, natural process empowers you to master your fears. She’s been integrating Non-Violent Communication into her work in her Courage to Heal Programs with her clients for over 10 years.  

Summer and Andre don’t just teach this communication stuff, they live it!  When they started dating, Summer and Andre realized the profound power of overlapping the two bodies of genius; Shirzad's Positive Intelligence (saboteurs) and Marshalls work in NVC (Non-Violent Communication).  By sharing their knowledge and actually applying it in their relationship they witnessed profound shifts in other relationships within their circle of influence as well - their families and communities. They were excited and inspired!  

Summer and Andre teach from fully embodied, personal experience.  They value the exponential growth that takes place in community and create a safe, authentic community in which to learn.  They also provide a clear curriculum with powerful and practical resources. 


To empower Life-Long Learners to quickly shift their relationships and create connection by standing in their Authority/Truth and speaking it out-loud through Conscious Communication. 


  • We will share the most vulnerable areas of our lives.  The most abusive, devastating and addictive and how we got really honest with ourselves and transformed them into meaningful and purposeful life-serving energy in all areas of our lives.   We will share what it takes to have, what we feel, is a 10/10 relationship through these tools.
  • We will share with you what we have learned and how we are applying it.
  • We will share how we transform ‘triggered’ states in a matter of minutes or hours (not days or weeks) to recognize the gift available and consequently the deepening of our relationship.  This work will teach you how to get out of toxic relationship cycles that exist between children and parents, colleagues and employees etc.  Our entire culture is a part of these cycles in one way or another.

We believe it’s time to consciously interrupt toxic relationship cycles.  Why wait for conflict resolution, mediation or even lawsuits?  

We believe it’s better to feel empowered and be proactive. 

This is Paradigm Shifting, Experiential Education. It does take commitment.

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