888 - PmC Memebership

888 - PmC Memebership

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Private ministers Cooperative


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Create and promote your own class or seminary.  Class room provided Seats 60 people.

Current Opportunities Include;

Non-Permanent Shelters including yurts, geodesic domes, wigwams, teepees and wofatti’s all are considered.

Shelters are to be very fast to set up, not greatly expensive, very strong, must be able to endure Alberta’s harsh environment including heavy snow, hail and high winds. These shelters can be taken down, packed up and moved within a day.

Having a well made non permanent shelter can be very advantageous. Names to consider are geodesic domes from Pacific Domes www.pacificdomes.com as well as groovy yurts www.groovyyurts.com/ and http://biome-canada.ca/products/the-yurt/ 3 Reputable Companies.

A simple vision would be to have a community dome in the center, with other smaller domes, yurts and teepees surrounding the larger dome at the center.

We would like to start 10-12 non permanent shelters with 4-6 being rented out at any given time for other guests and like minded groups so they can begin their immersion at the Campus, come for ministry, seminary, or retreat.

Other Investment Opportunities include green house food production utilizing the industries best performing & durable materials while being affordable. Energy for cooling and heating will be provided from the earth bank cooling and heating techniques which is not to be confused with geothermal terminology. Well below the industries average for commercial greenhouses. Several 2000-5000sqft greenhouses would be acceptable.

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