888  P.m.C. Members Application

888 P.m.C. Members Application

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Private ministers Cooperative

  • NON-REFUNDABLE for Vetting and Verification Process

The 888-P.m.C (Private ministers Cooperative): Membership Features and Benefits

The 888-P.m.C is a private cooperative bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds who are united in faith and respect for our Creator. We honor the principles of liberation, freedom, mutual respect, equality, and collective growth. Our cooperative's ministers specialize in various fields, from God, Health, Agriculture, to Technology and Communications, yet are united in our faith in the supreme Creator.

Monthly Obligation and Allocation

As a member of the 888 P.m.C. a monthly obligation of $50. This contribution is allocated as follows:

  1. $20 is deposited into your online account, which you can use to purchase within our larger private marketplace, consisting of other members' products and services.
    • 20 Units of Hive Bucks OR convert them into [3X] 1 Goldback Note Collectables all redeemable at participating locations and through our online Hive Marketplace.
  1. $22 is utilized for 888-P.m.C’s ministers BEE-Linked digital online tools and private communications.
  2. $8 covers application and IT administrative costs.


  1. Access to the Private Marketplace: With a portion of your monthly contribution allocated to your online account, you can partake in our private marketplace, purchasing products and services offered by other members at a discounted rate relative to the public market. 
  2. Continuing Education: We are constantly learning and improving as education is the premiere product of our cooperative.  We host classes, seminars and specialized workshops, teaching health, wellness, the whole food cycle from farm to plate plus many other initiatives unheard of elsewhere.  We provide our cooperative with a vast digital library within our private ecosystem.   
  3. Campus Access: Enjoy our community space dedicated to learning, worship, ministry, healing, and detoxification. We are currently seeking students and ministers for designing and building intentional communities based on natural law, off-grid living, and permaculture designs.
  4. Growing Opportunities: We provide a vast variety of opportunities for our ministers to improve their standard of life.  Outlining deliverables and meeting goals and objective makes any challenge we face possible to overcome as a private cooperative.   
  5. Equal Voice, Equal Share, Equal Rights: Your voice matters as much as everyone else's. We uphold principles of equality and collective decision-making.  Everyone has one equal voice and 1 share within our cooperative so our decision making is based on the collectives decision without interference of a president/CEO/majority shareholder.  Within this cooperative everyone gets to maximize theirs benefits  from the fruits of their labor. 
  6. Scalability:  Our vision and destination is all of turtle island and the western hemisphere with trusted members in all countries tribes and nations.  


Becoming a member of the 888-P.m.C gives you an opportunity to be part of a cooperative that values spiritual enlightenment, individual growth, with a sense of belonging and community.  By making a modest monthly obligation, you can reap the benefits of a spiritually rich community while enhancing your own growth and development.  You will also be able to leverage our ecosystem and become part of something bigger then yourself.  Enjoying all the benefits of the private domain as mentioned above. 

For more information, or to start your membership process, please contact us at 888 P.m.C.

Please adapt and change as needed to match your exact specifications and requirements.


  • Heath Services
  • Heath Products 
  • Select Foods 
  • Select Events 
  • Select Services 
  • Select Lifestyle & Mentorship 
  • Business Investment & Opportunities 
  • Cultural Events 
  • Remote Learning 
  • Off Grid Living 
  • Emersion
  • Sovereignty 

Create and promote your own class or seminary at our [ 888 P.m.C. Campus Class Room ] provided Seats 60 people.
or book your special event with us at 1001 Nights.  Class room provided Seats 60 people.



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