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Hello Busy Bees!

🐝 [DATE] Biz Presentation – [TIME]  Pm
We will be having are having a few people by [LOCATION] Hive City to show the platform and start getting our community leaders (you) featured.  The networking infrastructure underneath is powerful and is going to help us to thrive as we go down this road in a free, community centered economy.

This week we will be revealing profiles that have been created for some of our friends and colleagues and intaking requests for new profiles.


- group Warm up  introduction 

- Biz Presentation  
🐝Investor's Presentation - 7pm - 9pm
We have move the Hive City Marketplace & Business Hub into a new and improved facility, we are offering the community an opportunity to support with financial and sweat equity. We are looking for CONTRIBUION $1000 contributions in exchange for profit sharing and equity in the project. The more community funding we receive, the lower our financing costs are and the more capital we can keep circulating in the community.
For more information visit

Please register at for safe and secure access to these events.

Our Commitment

Our Vision

Our Team

why are we different

Our Culture

We providing our customers innovative offerings making it possible to create seamless, smart, and efficient solutions.

We’re more than just a company,
we’re a team and global family.

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