Devoted Creations Believe In Pink Tanning Maximizer 10oz

Devoted Creations Believe In Pink Tanning Maximizer 10oz

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Believe in Pink MAXIMIZER Believe in Love, Believe in Tan, Believe in PINK! Be a serious Glow-getter with this flirty, fun tanning concoction. Believe in Pink Maximizer contains Melacitiva which stimulates the production of melanin to enhance tan intensity and prolong your results. Natural oils and extracts will help to soften, tone and hydrate the skin for a more youthful and energized appearance. Added wheat protein will help to tighten skin instantly and be your sexy secret weapon on the quest to being the gorgeous bronze babe you know you're meant to be. To go Glam... Go Pink!


  • Tanning maximizer designed for all skin types
  • Melanin stimulators for higher intensity results
  • Instant skin tightening benefits.
  • Skin softeners, hydrators and energizers
  • Warm Sugar Fragrance

Fragrance: Warm Sugar

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