Devoted Creations Face & Body -  Cloud Kissed

Devoted Creations Face & Body - Cloud Kissed

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Ceramide Infused Silicone Cloud Cream
Vanilla, White Tea & Coconut Milk
Extracts work as Moisture Magnets for
Velvety Smooth Dreamy Hydration

If you dream of weightless, pillow plump hydration, let your skin be kissed by a cloud with Devoted Creations’ newest creamy cushion formula, Cloud Kissed™! Velvety Vanilla, White Tea, and Cozy Coconut Milk extracts envelop the skin in a dewy, luminous soft immersion, reserved only for those who desire richly radiant and 24-hour luscious results. For an infusion of softness, satisfy your skin with a cloud of moisture from Cloud Kissed™.

  • Ultra-Hydrating Daily Moisturizer
  • Silicone Moisture Lock Technology
  • Moisture Barrier Strengthening Ceramides
  • Antioxidant Rich Vanilla Extracts
  • Skin Softening Coconut Milk
  • Skin Perfecting White Tea Extracts
  • Tattoo & Color Prolonging Technology
  • Cloud Kissed Fragrance


Super Soft Mega Moisturizer – Keeps skin hydrated, super soft and touchable for 24 hours.

Ceramide Complex – Essential fatty acids that help to moisturize and strengthen the
skin’s natural barrier.

Silicone Blend - Visibly reduce the look of pores and imperfections while offering
non greasy hydration.

Vanilla Extracts – Rich in antioxidants to help ward off free radical damage while also
helping to combat the signs of aging.

White Tea Extracts – Anti-inflammatory that works as a natural antioxidant to help improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Coconut Milk – Deeply softens and nourishes while calming irritation on even the
most sensitive skin.

Marshmallow Extracts – Works to counteract redness and inflammation in the skin while also helping to retain moisture.

Vitamin C - Helps to slow the signs of aging while also working to improve the
appearance of dark spots and skin imperfections.

Tattoo & Color Prolonging Technology – Helps to lock in moisture as well as protect
the color and luster of your tan and tattoos.

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