Devoted Creations Glamour Crush On Color

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DC Crush On Color
Size: 8.45 oz
Fragrance: Blackberry Blast

Super Charged Plateau Breaking Bronzer
Instant Color Technology Delivers INTENSE RESULTS
Power Packed with Carrot Oil, Acai Berry & Black Charcoal

It’s time to super charge your session with Crush on Color™! This dynamic dark bronzing blend utilizes plateau breaking coloring agents, black
walnut and caramel extracts for high powered, brilliantly bronzed results! This BOLD formula doesn’t just promise powerful and potent results, it
Crushes the Competition!

  • Extreme Dark DHA Bronzing Lotion
  • Color Correcting CC Cream
  • Carrot Oil
  • Antioxidant Rich Acai Berry
  • Skin Hydrating Ceramides
  • Blackberry Blast Fragrance

Super High Levels of DHA, Natural and Cosmetic Bronzers – Work to provide dark, long lasting immediate and delayed bronzing results.

Chicory Extract – Provides an instant tanned appearance 60 seconds after application.

Black Charcoal – Skin detoxifiers reduce excess oil and inflammation while aiding in
improving acne prone skin.

CC Cream Blend – Color Correctors that work to even out skin tone and mask
imperfections in the skin.

Ceramide Complex – Essential fatty acids that help to moisturize and strengthen the
skin’s natural barrier.

Carrot Oil – Contains beta-carotene to rejuvenate cells for a glowing
and radiant appearance.

Acai Berry Extracts – Rich in antioxidants, Acai berry helps to protect the skin from
free radical damage.

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