Devoted Creations H.I.M. Titanium Bronzer

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DC H.I.M. Titanium Bronzer
Size: 9 oz
Fragrance: Oriental Black Cashmere

Tattoo & Color Fade Protecting Formula Ultra-Dark Bronzer
Sensitive Skin & Body Deodorizing Formula

HIM Titanium Bronzer™ is formulated for a man’s skin. Low maintenance bronzers allow for an easy, ultra, even dark color every time. Avocado Extracts help to counteract reddening of the skin from burns or skins irritations. After tan odor eliminators allow this non-greasy formula to keep you smelling fresh. Its okay to have a Bromance with HIM™ – we love HIM™ too.

  • Lightweight lotion in a convenient tube.
  • Low maintenance instant and time released bronzers.
  • Anti-aging and Skin-firming benefits


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