Devoted Creations Hemp IQ Pomegranate & Sea Salt Moisturizer 18.25oz

Devoted Creations Hemp IQ Pomegranate & Sea Salt Moisturizer 18.25oz

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Invigorating & Renewing Hydrating Body Moisturizer. Formulated with Pink Pomelo, Detoxifying Himalayan Sea Salt & Vitamin Rich Pomegranate Extracts

  • Ultra-Hydrating Daily Moisturizer
  • Skin Softening and Hydrating
  • Aloe Vera based 24 Hour Moisture
  • Sensitive Skin Formula
  • 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil
  • Pink Pomelo & Sea Salt Fragrance


  • Daily rich body cream that will keep skin hydrated for up to 24 hours
  • 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil - Gives skin essential hydration and contains Amino Acids, which are naturally high in vitamins, proteins & antioxidants
  • Cocoa Butter & Shea Butters - Help to hydrate and add moisture to dry and damaged skin
  • Vitamin C – Helps to repair skin cells, fights free radical damage, and helps to boost collagen production
  • Vitamin E – Helps to fight off free radicals, while also containing antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-aging benefits
  • Rice Extract - Soothes and softens the skin without added irritation
  • Pink Pomelo Extract – High in antioxidants that prevent skin damage
  • Pomegranate Extract – Helps to fight bacteria and soothe dry and tired skin
  • Dead Sea Salt – Helps to cleanse pores and balance oil production, while retaining moisture from within.

      Fragrance: Pink Pomelo & Sea Salt

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